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  Using the SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
Subject:   Mailing List and Formula Fields
Date:   2005-09-23 10:47:42
From:   TJWARD
How do I create a mailing list (3 columns) in Reporting Services Layout?
Which control should I use? (ie. table, list...)

Example Layout:

12345 48548 857455

South Washington Street Harrison Blvd NBA North Avenue

Yoyo, IL 65859 Washington, DC 58485 Shreveport, Tx 74854

Also, how or where would I go within Visual Studio for SRS to create Crystal Report like formula fields to be added into the report?


if {Addresses.ADDR_State} = ""
{Addresses.ADDR_City} + " " + {Addresses.ADDR_Zip}
{Addresses.ADDR_City} +", " + {Addresses.ADDR_State} +" " + {Addresses.ADDR_Zip}

Thank you.