Building My MythTV Box, Part 1: Hardware
Subject:   concerning fan noise
Date:   2005-09-24 07:00:52
From:   The_Dude
Response to: concerning fan noise

>which I plan to replace with a Zalman cooler when I replace the northbridge fan.

I got the Reserator 1 Plus because it had the quick disconnects, black finish, and included the VGA cooling block. I love it. One note on the Northbridge - neither Zalman system comes with one (marketed as optional) and apparently they aren't even available in the USA yet. I just used an extra VGA cooler - similar enough that it's an easy mod. Only down side is the pump doesn't automatically switch with the PC. I'm adding a solid-state relay to do that. But the coolers are excellent and totally quiet. You have to put your head by the tower to hear the pump and can only hear it if the room is quiet.