How to Set Up Backup 3 and Save Your Data
Subject:   Painful quickpicks and confusing spotlight
Date:   2005-09-24 12:44:03
From:   dand644
I'm not sure yet what to make of backup3. I used backup2 every month to move some application settings and a few critical files to storage hosted on .mac, and I was very excited when I fired up backup3. The backup3 interface is a vast improvement on 2, and it appeared that I would really be able to use backup3 to perform more of a backup function.

The first hurdle I encountered was the broken "Quick Picks" functionality. I keep my iTunes music under /Users/Shared instead of under my home dir, and the "Quick Pick" selection was not able to recognize or find my purchased music.

Since the Quick Pick did not work, I thought that I would just do a spotlight search, but I found it too complicated. A single string does not seem sufficient to find purchased songs and audio books. Am I missing something or is the spotlight interface too simple? Does anyone know how I could leverage spotlight to perform this search - "All purchased music under /Users/Shared"?

So a million thanks to Drew Hamlin for pointing out how the "Quick Picks" are defined on the Delicious Monster site, Based on his notes, I was able to modify the default "Quick Pick" to point to my path.

Here's hoping for still more improvements next year in backup4.

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