Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   Tutorial removes any privaleges for writing to "Macintosh HD"
Date:   2002-04-25 12:32:03
From:   jonadab
Response to: Tutorial removes any privaleges for writing to "Macintosh HD"

> I must admit I don't see why I shoud lock my
> OS X partition just to read something in my
> mail client.

It's not reading the mail that's the issue; it's
sending it. sendmail has a wide assortment of
security issues (it is famous for this) and works
around them by requiring permissions to be set
in a restrictive fashion.

You can get around this by using something
besides sendmail to send mail. For example,
you could write a Perl script that talks to your
ISP's mail server and sends the mail using your
regular account, or you could install another
mail transfer agent, such as Exim or qmail.

Or you can read the rest of the tutorial and
see how to loosen sendmail's belt a little
and get it to send mail despite the insecure