Weblog:   Mystifying nano Screen Issue
Subject:   a few items to ponder
Date:   2005-09-26 20:46:23
From:   macdrew
Response to: Nano Owner

first of all, besides the U2 ipod, this is the first release of an all black ipod, this color will simply show scratches more than white, or any other color apple has produced. it would be interesting to see the complaints related to color type.

two, could this be an issue with the mix of the polycarbonate used in early production runs. it's probably some form of Lucite, but with any resin quality can vary by several factors, but anyone that remember science class, knows that a harder material can only scratch a softer material. so cotton scratching lucite? hum...

three, apple is selling 70,000+ ipods a day, so the factor of several hundred becoming an issue by scratched by rough use is entirely possible.

fourth, i've seen some of the damaged nano screen, and it looks like they have been bent, or pressed directly. perhaps the nano is simply too thin to withstand true consumer use/abuse. as a side note, i'd like to see a much bigger battery, giving it a little more size and weight.

five, it's possible some of these reports are simply trolls trying to bring apple and the "ipod people down". so while it probably is an issue, the number of trolls posting fake reports could be high as well.

lastly, apple tries to develop all this stuff in secret, which limits real world testing. mr ive needs to build them for very rough use as we go deeper outside the traditional "apple mac" market. thin is great, but there are limits, ive needs to tell steve it needs to be 1/8 thicker, (like gen 1, 2 ipods) and none of this would be happening.