Weblog:   Mac mini - the "just enough" computer
Subject:   My Mini experiences...
Date:   2005-09-27 01:36:41
From:   jer2eydevil88
I am a bit of a power user with well over 50 tabs open in firefox on my pc as I attempt to complete well over a dozen projects in a given day.

I am a computer engineering student and my greatest resource is the Ineternet (mostly google). I was given an amazing option of buying an Athlon 64 3400+ system for $300 thanks to a technology roadshow in my area. I use that PC for everything heavy including compiling and educational research. Now I also spent $760 on a mac mini with a DVD burner and the 512mb ram the week it launched. I love it mostly because of the OS eyecandy but also because it allows me to experiment with ppc hardware and burn dvd's using IDVD.

Its far from a terribly fast machine and I can only do two or three things at once which is a far cry from my pc which cost me more than half as much. But its a different world having Apple support especially when you are new to the problems of mac hardware. My unit started beeping over the summer and after a quick inspection by an Apple store my RAM was found to be bad so they replaced it on the spot in less than 10 minutes with no more than my signature required. If I was computer illiterate I wouldn't even dream of finding a Dell repair center to even look at my pc before the day was out. Apple made the right move by finally upgrading the Mini to 512mb of RAM and I try to convince family's to go mac as its a crystal clear alternative to the problematic PC world.