Weblog:   Mystifying nano Screen Issue
Subject:   Comments Update
Date:   2005-09-27 15:08:24
From:   mbrewer
Response to: Comments Update

"One reader made an interesting point in mail he sent to me. He thinks that people are trying to deface nano screens in Apple Stores to add fuel to this story."

I went into an Apple Store about a week after the Nano was released. I was surprised to see the amount of scratches on the faces of some of the Ipods. I figured they were just getting handled (A LOT!) over the week like they were that day. So, I wrote it off and didn't pay much attention to it. Thinking back, the black Nanos may have been appeared worse off than the white ones which is to be expected.

An Apple employee was there showing the resiliency of the Nano to a customer by dropping it onto the display table. I'd imagine this wasn't the first time that happened. While I was there I also gave it a little flex test and I wasn't able to bend the Nano between my middle three fingers the way you'd break a pencil.