Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 4
Subject:   ?IP and port Number
Date:   2002-04-28 06:40:36
From:   wguyette
Installed Streamripper, as a learning experience-great article. Using the example IP and port numbers, everything worked fine.

When I control-click on a "Tune-In" link on shoutcast I got:

No IP or port number.

Also, I guess I just don't get something. If you have to know the IP address in advance, isn't this a lot of work, as well as being nonspecific. ie. you can get a stream, but what you get is sort of random, no specific songs.

I must be missing some basic concept.


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  1. ?IP and port Number
    2002-05-09 21:05:17  psheldon [View]

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