Weblog:   Mystifying nano Screen Issue
Subject:   Saw all the display samples in Apple Store have scratches
Date:   2005-09-29 23:05:25
From:   Pat2005
I was thinking getting a nano. I went to the local Apple Store in Burlingame, Calif. They have over 20 nano display over the store. I went thru one by one and looked at the screen of them. I was surprised to see that all of them have scratches on them. Not only they have scratches all over the Plastic surface, but on the back on the aluminum surface too.

The scratches on the plastic surface, I think, is from the people playing with the sample display at the store.

The scratches on the aluminum surface is from the metal dock they use in the store for the ipod nano. The scratches look even more ugly on the aluminum than on the plastic surface.