Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   7 day incremental backup
Date:   2005-09-30 06:54:17
From:   annibee
I love this tutorial and I've had a lot of fun scheduling various backups from applescript in ical. Its funny how the MACOSX wrapping seems to make everything easier than say using perl in UNIX ;)
Anyway my question is ..... How do I implement a full backup every Sunday and then incremental backups everyday at midnight using applescript and ical or should I just script the whole thing as listed on

Thanks in advance
Anna :)

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  1. 7 day incremental backup
    2005-10-01 09:26:01  Corvus [View]

    • 7 day incremental backup
      2005-12-01 07:10:34  KevinStout [View]

    • 7 day incremental backup
      2005-12-01 07:10:21  KevinStout [View]

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