What Is Preview (and Why You Should Use It)
Subject:   People still using Apple's junk
Date:   2005-09-30 15:47:33
From:   BoycottAppleProducts
Wake up people -- this stuff is old news and the people that write these articles on Apple's obsolete junk are friends and families of Apple's dropout uneducated White supremacist morons.

There is absolutely no reason why people should be paying so much $$$$ for Apple's obsolete products - and better still you can make a statement against Apple's on-going and illegal employment practices against minorities by boycotting their products in favor of superior competing products.

An excerpt:

Apple Preview describes the software application in Mac OS X, but originated essentially from NeXT's OPENSTEP software.

Preview employs Apple's partial implementation of Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format) specification.

Being a very simplistic yet elegant program, Preview contains only a few lines of software code, with the bulk of it's functionality being a part of Apple's "Cocoa" GUI (Graphical User Interface), Core Graphics (Quartz) and Quicktime software libraries.

Following September 11, 2001, Apple Computer began firing and facilitating the racially motivated deportation of dozens of segregated ethnic minorities, including the author of Preview. Shortly thereafter, the "Closed" Preview project was handed over to unqualified employees with no relevant Computer Science, or otherwise technical qualifications. Preview has since changed very little, as with Apple's Mac OS X software and remains as a historical remnant of Apple Computer's purchase of NeXT.

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