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Subject:   Right outer joins in MS SQL SERVER
Date:   2002-05-01 02:13:54
From:   sanjayk
I am interested in knowing how the right outer joins work in sql server. I noticed the difference in behavior between the =* and the phrase "right outer join". The result set is different. Please go through the T-sql statements shown below.

select a.au_id, b.title, c.qty
from titleauthor a, titles b, sales c
where (a.title_id =* b.title_id)
and (a.title_id =* c.title_id)

select a.au_id, b.title, c.qty
from titleauthor a
right outer join titles b
on (a.title_id = b.title_id )
right outer join sales c
on (a.title_id = c.title_id )

The first results into 391 rows in pubs database of sql-server 2000 and the second produces 34 rows. Can you through some light on this?

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