XP on the PowerPC
Subject:   AppleScript!!
Date:   2002-05-01 07:33:39
From:   pardeike
In your article you forgot to mention that VirtualPC can control
it's running OS via AppleScript. So you can now script complex
actions for XP: create folder, open apps, save stuff, download or
refresh web pages - all with a pretty simple AppleScript on your
Mac side. And since the Mac side does not touch the emulated OS
your script editing does not disturb the window order on your
scripted virtual OS.

As a programmer I find this very handy if, i.e., I want to test
cross platform web pages or scripts. Also, it would be possible
to generate a web service with a machine that runs the most
popular OS'ses (Linux, Win98, Win2000 WinXP etc) and via a web
server offers users to generate screenshots of their own created
web pages: you create a page, you go to the services site and
you enter your own URL there. As a result you get screenshots of
your developed page without even owning VirtualPC. On the service
machine all that is running is VirtualPC with a bunch of windows
open at the same time and WebSTAR with an AppleScript cgi that
creates the screenshots for the users. Pretty safe too - if
things go wrong (i.e. IE crashes) the script could reboot the
app or the OS in that particular window.

This is just an idea and I never really tried to create it.

Anyway, nice article!