Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   Can't Resolve Hostname
Date:   2002-05-01 09:13:09
From:   orisjt
First of all, THANKS for the tutorial. I finally got PHP and SQL up and running on my OS X Server because of your articles (btw, I am not an IT person, and I haven't used command-line UNIX since 1984).

Even though SQL seems to be running now, I cannot seem to resolve the actual hostname of the server. The test.php page you provide for the MySQL example works as long as the hostname is entered as'localhost', but if I use the actual hostname of the server or it's IP address, I get a 'cannot connect' error. I get the same problem with another package (PowerPHlogger), except it won't even recognize the 'localhost' variable, so I can't get it to work at all.

What's up?