Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   Some changes
Date:   2002-05-02 09:24:31
From:   psheldon
Response to: Some changes

Sorry I have been out wandering in wierd science and virtual reality and missing communication on this thread.

I see a neat professional subject line, "some changes". This indicates that you have work group experience in programming I sorely lack. I hope this group emerges professionally.

In 1 you fulfilled your general check prescription you gave me.
In 2 I found I had had the savvy to do that too.

II. 1.

Wanted to step away from obvious learning by the context of what you said.

Working hypothesis : "displayIfNeededIgnoringOpacity" method might need some interesting knowledge navigation to track down the description of. I checked that hypothesis and simply put in this word into help viewer and got two hits, one for objective c. Devil's advocate hypothesis, polymorphism requires hit on one word rather than going through chain of types and their methods for uninteresting or inexpensive knowledge navigation.

There was a link to this in the section but it merely went to the top. Was April's developers cd documentation fixing this? I get T1 system updates through an airport card at Apple Store Willowbend and thought I automatically got developer updates; I now don't think so and will install that cd! There was a notice in May e mail on May mailing about April developer upgrade and I might have to wait to see for sure whether April is in May. Confusing verbage somehow makes sense when you realize that the dating might be by web access, a date delayed in cd publication. Yet, April's cd stated that they had developer tools which I suppose included documentation.

Ok. I fooled with my version and saw Yoda gif drawn over scrollbars. On windows in mac old os, there are clipping rectangles with redraw avoiding outside the clip rectangles. I suppose the same design metaphor is used in the polymorphism and IgnoringOpacity means to redraw ignoring Opacity which is stated as the clipped parts.

Now, I put in your phrase. I compiled. It didn't redraw unless I clicked on scrollbar. Putting the [self setNeedsDisplay: YES]; in after your statement made things work right for me. So, I differ in your use of the word "replace" and substituted "augment". In IB, I have "surpressed" the green button on my window and that might be why I must use augment rather than replace, "I dunno".

I commented out the above hypothesizing that "As the scrollers are opaque, we need to force a complete redraw." was a transitional sentence prefatory to the next II.2. Both the experiments and your words confirmed the new hypothesis. The unfound method's phrase was just to establish clip window but not force a redraw.


I believe makeWindowControllers thereby has MyDocument surrender ownership of WindowController to the MyDocument instance's list of window controllers. I don't know how to say this better because I don't have enough language experience in objective c.

III.2 .

I developed a gesture similar to one I use in Maple to make the change. "[]" before the expression to replace and then shift arrow across that expression, cut, arrow back, paste, space, and then type autorelease. It might be nice to applescript automate this gesture.


Thanks for the walk through of changes. It made an exercise for me. Off to workout in pool.

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