Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   Making the view a dragging destination
Date:   2002-05-02 21:17:46
From:   psheldon
Response to: Making the view a dragging destination

Step 5 had a syntax error one of the self windows didn't have a right enclosing square bracket.

Evidentally, not all methods need be mentioned in the header file, rather these are only used in the name space of the implementation. What are such methods called?

When I made a new window from the file menu item, it always came in with my default gif, Yoda.gif, but I could still drag another gif onto that window and Yoda would be supplanted. Does this cause memory leak or is the old image in ram automatically released?

You've commented not only the code but also the e mail about the code and that's good, but I am green at this stuff.

initWithCoder evidenced itself as an override with the message to super and that fact that, though it was restricted to the name space of IAImageView.m, there was not visible call to it there.

Help Viewer with initWithCoder asked kind of scared me, but I've faced the deamons and stared down code before.

Registering intuits to me like something of abstract generality that those who speak this stuff know as so fundamental it probably isn't documented formally.

There seems something that looks like type coercion of a sender which also strikes me with wonder.

I liked the draggingEntered and draggingExited touch and it clearly illustrated distributed code in oop with drawRect.

I also remark at all this sender machinary doesn't require wiring work, dragging is built into the frameworks, but perhaps there's a hypothetical drag event filter in the hypothetical forced typing? I'd really like to get clear what is going on with the syntax here. I don't like making too many hypotheses.

To be contrary, I tried dragging Dennis Gabor's nobel lecture pdf to the window and got the first page complete with figure, but I didn't get the "whole picture" (35 pages).
Hard to imagine something I almost understood dealing with decoding and rendering pdf's.

When I started looking at this drag code, I really wondered if I had anything to say or anything that I understood by it. At first I felt dwarfed by this drag development, but I feel much better about it having tried to write about what I saw, not so much a dwarf.

I hope, not to "one up", but rather to amplify people by commenting on what they say.

There was this Chinese guy I could barely understand through the accent talking about Higgs symmetry breaking in particle physics (nobel level stuff) and only the fellow who introduced him dared to ask him a question. I feared his response to anything would be so incomprehensible I could not show thanks in my face. A dead audience can eventually wear you down, so I wrote him very politely an e mail on what I understood about what he said. He told me when I was right and gave brief provacative answers where I still am thoroughly confused, but not as much as before he answered my e mail. The e mail had no confusing accent. I did refrain from asking a followup on where I remained confused, but rather thanked him and voicemailed a local prof (the guy who introduced the speaker). I think both I and the speaker were happier for the transaction and both a bit wiser. I'm terribly sorry that all colloquia are over this semester, because follow up e mails are both not intrusive as questions at the colloquia and provide a way to study the notes merely requiring corrections from the speaker.

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