Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   Some changes
Date:   2002-05-04 09:15:00
From:   psheldon
Response to: Some changes

"...use only very basic words, so I can follow your ideas..."

I've found putting ideas in shorter paragraph can also work to get through language barriers.

"""Just one thirty years ago (yes, 30)...."

I have been a scholar for 17 years and am afraid the work group has developed while I have learned to work alone not with people. I worry about my choices and other lives I might have lived. I suspect most people's work group experience is "getting along with powerful people". I've had that with my thesis advisor because I gave him power by investing with him my life time. I want another sort of work group experience... Don't know what that could be.

Please compare sherlock indexing string search to Help Viewer. As soon as I asked this question, I imagined your answer. Help Viewer doesn't have find but an html browser does and probably string search gets you right to the instance of the words.


I downloaded MarshmallowLibrarian, enough documentation on web page, the pictures and comments on this page were reassuring and seemed enough, so I turned web page into pdf file. I used sherlock 2 internet channel to find it.

"...browse all the examples (see composite lab and sketch for images). "

I couldn't understand this. By "browse" do you mean use a web browser such as netscape or internet explorer? If that is what you meant by browser, I understood that part. I think I might drag the example folder into sherlock and augment web browser to give meaning to the phrase "browse all the examples" to indexed enclosed string search examples. But, "see composite lab and sketch for images" confuses me still. Maybe sketch is an application and is also "composite lab" an application?

In making guesses, I ease your language embarrassment. It is easier to read than write a foreign language (at first) and allowing you to answer yes or no will give you great energy, just like that Chinese fellow I asked about nobel level stuff with "do I understand you to mean....".

"...use find in PB with options frameworks only..."

I know command 7 finds everything, both my code and frameworks. Now I will look for setting options. Very good.

"... There are also shortcuts to do it. ..."

Knowing that something is out there to find is valuable to me. I will go find shortcuts.

I've long ago subscribed to Cocoa Apple mailing list, but I am a bit scared of it, as yet. I peek at it and Maya list, but shyly work Mike's and Maya's tutorials, so far. I'm not so shy on this thread, though.

" ... download examples when people give you a link to. ...."

This gets rid of my shyness a bit. I can play with examples and not be embarrassed I don't know the language.

"displayIfNeededIgnoringOpacity is well described in NSView"

And my putting together sherlock indexing and search with enclosed string would buy me not having to look through the huge NSView as Help Viewer would have. Perhaps Apple wishes to force new programmers to read introductions, see their doc organization, and so don't put in a find string or jump to method in Help Viewer.

The phrase you chose out of NSView seems clear enough. Thank you.

"April Developer Tools CD ..."

I get the cd mailing to get perpetually embarrassed that I am often too scared to look at it. My ultimate goal is to get so many cd's that I shall have to learn the respect for hypertext and search strategies you have. I believe that April mailing had general os 9 including tools, but May mailing has os x specific tools. Now, I have more courage to look inside and see.

Thank you!

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