Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   Meeting Room
Date:   2005-10-04 17:12:02
From:   DavidBattino
Response to: Meeting Room

After writing the review, I discovered that the WS-series uses stronger data compression than the DS-series—64kbps vs. 128kbps. That’s why the recording time on the WS-200S is quadrupled although its memory is just doubled respective to the DS-2. The additional data compression doesn’t seem to affect the sound much, though.

The higher the frequency response of the recorder, however, the more intelligible the recorded sound becomes—to a point. I’d guess that’s because consonants have more high-frequency information than vowels. When you hear someone talking through a wall, it’s the consonants that disappear and make the sound muffled. That said, the U.S. telephone system tops out at 3.2kHz and remains reasonably intelligible. (To achieve 3kHz, you’ll need to sample at twice that frequency.)

I also found that stereo recordings had increased clarity in conference situations. Try plugging one ear at a cocktail party to prove that to yourself.

So the best Olympus recorder for your situation may be one of the new WS-300M-series models, which have four to eight times the RAM of the WS-200S. See my blog here:

—David Battino

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