Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   hard drive room for developer doc's
Date:   2002-05-04 09:31:04
From:   psheldon
I made several hard partitions on my powerbook G4 to act as separate hard drives with different operating systems or simply work areas. I feel more secure this way.

The last developer doc's were so huge and would only go on the os x boot drive. Apple was working on a better method.

Maya-PLE would only dumb install on the boot drive and I foresaw a problem of future room on my hard partition that has the os x boot. So, I finder moved Maya to another hard partition

I've continued using Maya without too much trouble from the move, except that file>recent files doesn't find the pathnames therein. I'd like something less invasive than superuser do's changing .rlogins, but fear something too heavy for Industrial Light and Magic. A simpler fix might have us all be famous with George Lucas. Any takers? Bob Levitus spoke of symbolic aliasing on the boot disk fooling the system into thinking Maya was there, but, bumping around digital asset management free seminars, I realized aliasing concepts are deeper than this poor pate to complain about not looking like somebody else's unix.

Well, now I am going to do a developer's tools install that may lose me Maya's recent forever. Kind of scary...