Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   One more bug: over-writes files of different type
Date:   2005-10-04 21:01:35
From:   bioinfotools
One more bug to add to the list.

The current version of rsync on OS-X 10.4.2 (and presumably earlier versions too) has a bug where --backup doesn't if the files have the same name but are of different type. For example, if the source has a directory "mythings" and the destination has a file of the name, rsync tries to place the directory in place of the file (as it should), but applying --backup will not cause a backup copy of the file to be made, instead the file will get silently over-written and lost. The situation occurs in reverse for files replacing directories. These situations may be rare but they do occur and it does cause a complete loss of the destination data involved.

Note also that rsync considers empty directories not to be worthy of being retained (potentially nasty if its a directory that some program expects to be present that is occasionally empty, like a cache directory or the like).

Apparently the latest version of rsync has the --backup bug fixed, but this version doesn't handle resource forks, etc.

Personally, I off looking for something with fewer issues. Let's hope there is something out there... Any suggestions?...