Eclipse Web Tools
Subject:   Is it so great?
Date:   2005-10-06 00:19:34
From:   Helm
I'm sorry, but I don't see it so great as it is described here. I have Eclipse WTP 0.7 and I cannot talk about much stability not user friendly interface. Yes it has many features, but it takes a lot of time to discover them and make them run. For example even in this version you cannot validate JSP pages which contains custom tags with exported variables such as some Struts tags. You can post a bug, but cannot expect any reply.

I have very good experience with IntelliJ Idea IDE. Yes it is commercial, yes it hasn't as much features and plugins as Eclipse. But it has exactly that you need, easy accessible, easy rememberable. And this is productivity, and productivity matters.

May be I'm to critical, but this is my feeling about Eclipse WTP. I'm looking forward to other posts to this article.

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