Using the SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
Subject:   exporting to excel Prescaled
Date:   2005-10-06 05:56:55
From:   samdotnet
when i to export report from report manager to excel and then take a print out i get my cols on 2 different page...for example i have 10 cols in my report what i get is only 7..other three come on next page..i have manual way to do it
print preview ..
scaling there r 2 radio button 1.Adjust to 2.Fit..
by default 1 is selected..
when 2 selected it takes 1 pages wide by 1..even this doesnot work..setting this to 1 pages wid by 7 up to well and i get all my cols with visible values...
please help its urgent..thanks and regards