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Subject:   Is it so great?
Date:   2005-10-06 08:13:00
From:   lawrencemandel
Response to: Is it so great?

I've heard a lot of feedback (some good, some bad) from users about WTP 0.7. Speaking to your concerns about stability and ease of use, as I wrote in the article, these are goals of the WTP project that we are continuing to work towards. Although we are continually evaluating our own work (I've opened several usability bugs against WTP 0.7 that should be addressed in WTP 1.0), a lot of the most useful suggestions come from people in the community like you. I'd encourage you to keep opening bugs. They aren't ignored. (If you feel a bug has been ignored please request further information from the owner. You're also welcome to cc me and I'll follow up with the owner.)

I don't think you're being too critical but although criticism is useful it is much more useful to the project if you contribute your energy to fixing what you think it wrong. Contributing to the fix can involve simply opening a good bug or going further and contributing a code patch as many in the community have already done. If you're willing to be more involved (and you may already be a very active bug or code contributor) I'd welcome the help of someone with a critical eye.


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