The Sanctity of Elements, or Why You Shouldn't be Double-clicking in a textarea
Subject:   i just cant agree.
Date:   2002-05-06 06:13:12
From:   tonyweeg
i think as our forefathers explored the plains "out west", we must as developers, explore the uses and tricks available to us, as developers. if it weren't for the pioneering that web developers, like myself, have been doing for years, heck, i might not be able to turn spans on and off so that i can customize the user experience on my site. i guess you are also against people who type in all lowercase. hey, its 2002, not 1952, lets explore, and extend the use of web elements in any fashion we see fit!


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  1. and a user speaks up
    2002-05-13 00:36:31  resiler [View]

  2. i just cant agree.
    2002-05-07 13:50:40  grogg [View]

    • i just cant agree.
      2002-05-08 06:11:31  super [View]

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