Mac Hacks: The Launch
Subject:   iTunes Look and Feel Hack
Date:   2005-10-07 12:52:26
From:   Pummarola
Maybe OT, don't know if this is the best place to post this...but couldn't find a better one.

I'm having trouble getting a hack to work from the iPod and iTunes Hacks book. I'm trying to use hack #64 (chapter 4), "Alter the iTunes Look and Feel by Resource Hacking".

You're supposed to edit the iTunes binary and replace some hex color codes with ones of your own choosing. However, the table of addresses for the color entries that appears in the book seems like it might no longer have the correct entries. Perhaps the addresses have changed with newer versions?

I tried altering a number of the entries, and none of them seemed to do anything. Also, the values in the one example shown in the book did not match up with the entry in my binary.

Anyone experiment with this? Any ideas? Thanks.