Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   problem with Volumes
Date:   2002-05-07 01:38:35
From:   wilseven
Hi -

your articles are really great. Are they all in a book somewhere yet? a webserving for OS X book on the way?

Anyway - I wanted to maybe move my document root to another volume, but I have this problem with OS X where it's saying there are a bunch of volumes at /Volumes, even though they've been disconnected. This unfortunately includes even my local volume, which currently reads "Mercury 1" because one of the junk volumes has the name "Mercury". So it seems like it's not refreshing the volume info correctly, which would be a problem when I assign doc root on a volume and os x decides to mount it with a new name...

Any help? I looked around for a LONG time before posting...