Mac Security: Identifying Changes to the File System
Subject:   Prebinding and checksums
Date:   2005-10-08 00:32:43
From:   chrisridd
I was under the impression that doing checksums of Mach-O binaries was non-trivial, because the "prebinding" that's done by the OS will actually update a binary when one of the libraries it uses changes.

Do any of the checksumming utilities take account of this? My guess is not.

A mention of, or a comparative review of, tools like tripwire would be good...

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  1. Prebinding and checksums
    2005-10-08 03:21:11  peterhickman [View]

  2. Prebinding and checksums
    2005-10-08 00:33:16  chrisridd [View]

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