Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   cant run installation
Date:   2005-10-08 11:33:13
From:   josemedeiros007
Response to: cant run installation

Well it took me all night, but I finally got Mac OS TIGER 10.4 X86 to run on VMWARE 5 on my Windows XP system using a non supported AMD 64 bit processor, although it is working, it run's like a slug. I don't have the root password
so I can delete the " AppleTPMACPI.kext " extension file which I think is slowing down the system as it appears to be looking for the Apple PRAM and causing the system to hang during the interrupts. This developer edition is still in beta, hopefully the next release will have better driver support and more apps available to run natively. Take a look at: or email me jose.medeiros@gmail(no-spam).com