Subject:   tom_1 petty
Date:   2002-05-07 16:09:33
From:   mdubord
Response to: tom_1!=marc fleury

That was just a ruse to get you to post your real identity and to clarify your relation to JBoss. I don't actually think you're Fleury (and it's not a compliment).

I've so far refrained from ad hominem attacks, but I'm pleased to say that I'm glad your latest post fits in with your style.

For the 100th time: you are so incorrect about LGPL it's laughable. Look at the posts on I posted and call up Lutris. The JBoss group owns the code and the JBoss group owns the license and the JBoss group can make the source closed. It's naive and idealistic to believe otherwise.

Either put up or shut up. Let's hear it once and for all: who are you? I'm asking this in the interests of full disclosure. It's unfair to pawn off your ideas as unbiased when we're not even sure you're not part of the JBoss group yourself.