Variables Inside Cocoa Objects
Subject:   ScriptableDocApp's path
Date:   2002-05-07 22:05:51
From:   psheldon
I had ScriptableDocApp in pathname twice. I put the project in a folder of same name, but PB did too. Then, PB wouldn't find executable even though it said the build was successful.

I renamed outer folder ScriptableDocApp1 and dragged ScriptableDocApp folder outside it and deleted ScriptableDocApp1. Then build complained until I cleaned and the program then ran.

I suspect I had run into some sort of path recursion confusion like I did on a Data General Advanced Operating System long ago. But, now that problem is gone.

The old applescript that launched the old ScriptableDocApp still did for awhile. If I had the newer ap running the script would talk to it.

I fiddled with deleting the old ap in its original location after copying it elsewhere and applescript "tracked" it. I can't recall all that I did to isolate how I fell into having applescript launch the newer version.

I fiddled with the applescript statements and augmented them so that I saw I could enter text and get it in the applescript.

Pretty cool.

If I read and do enough of this stuff and I'll think in cocoa.