Working With Bitmap Images; Document-Based Application Redux
Subject:   I am Paul, Sherlock 3 of Jaguar multithreaded
Date:   2002-05-07 22:37:00
From:   psheldon
Response to: Some changes has Jobs keynote saying it has this multithreaded feature like Marshmallow librarian has. I suspect that feature is much more than being able to search while indexing. I'd like Apple to eventually tell me something deeper about that multithreadedness being a good feature.

I'm going to fool with Marshmallow librarian.

I think there are general things I don't understand about indexing, whether with sherlock or Marshmallow librarian. Where, for example, is the index saved or is it saved?

I installed the May 2002 cd mailing mac os x developer tools. There was also a disk with developer tools in April. So, to make an April fools joke, I might be fooled as to which was the April tools. They usually have distinct things in different months and two months of tools is surprising. So, I may really be fooled.

I copied and recompiled and old project in Applescript and then did the "Variables Inside Cocoa Objects" of 04/12/2002 in the new PB. The readme on the May cd mailing tools said that headers were precompiled and so builds were faster. I think they were.


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  2. I am Paul, Sherlock 3 of Jaguar multithreaded
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