Eclipse Web Tools
Subject:   Is it so great?
Date:   2005-10-10 04:30:34
From:   Helm
Response to: Is it so great?

I'm glad to see your reaction. I would post my ideas to community as soon as I have a time. I like using open source projects, but in this case - when I'm comparing usability of Idea and Eclipse, it is somewhere else. I'm looking forward, to future development of Eclipse and I hope, that it would be more developer oriented in sense that:

- I don't need visual wizard for everything
- I don't need ten thousands of settings for everything

- I want easy accessible and functionable most used functions (fe.: I have never seen better wise autofill (Ctrl-Space thing) as in Idea)
- If it is not enough, I will do the difficult things in code or in config files of application, and IDE should not complicate this way of work (for example by autorewriting these app. configs)
- I want to clearly see, what IDE is doing

This is all. I won't write more here and I'd rather write to Eclipse community soon.