GoLive Gets Interesting
Subject:   don't like the workflow
Date:   2002-05-08 07:39:21
From:   kaipahl
i was long-time supporter of golive since 3.2. but with 4 and 5 there was no progress in the areas that i felt the most important for me. instead i saw the rise of dreamweaver, which i would say, is the better WYSIWYG-HTML-tool.

but since 18months for the most part, i'm using a textediotr (BBEdit) for doing HTML-stuff.

my main-gripes with golive, is that the workflow isn't smooth enough, if you want to make W3C-standard-compliant code.

if i didn't miss something important, you always have to make the extra-step and export your page/site to get "clean" code. the whole approach of adobe/golive to use their own HTML-tags to work with photoshop, or to make the JS-stuff stinks. macromedia and DW are handling the situation better, by using not tags, but comments.

i also didn't had the feeling that adobe listened very well to the user. the most, by far the most asked improvement since the golive4-days, was to get slimmer JS-code. still in GL6 is this bloated JS-code, which jumps through sixthousand different GL-JS-function before doing the job.

i was quite disappointed when i saw GL6.

but perhaps i overlooked something.