How to Record a Podcast
Subject:   I did this with a Motu and Vonage Softphone
Date:   2005-10-10 16:29:51
From:   armada_sound_system
I have a G5, a Motu 828 firewire audio interface, AH Pro (latest version), Soundflower, and Vonage Softphone. I have an SM-57 going into a small / cheap behringer 8 channel mixer and it sits on a boom next to my desk. The mixer goes into the motu on channel one. The vonage softphone gets set up just how you would set up skype in this instance. I don't know why exactly but I'm not having any recognizeable problems with latency, drop outs, or any of the other fuss people have expressed when using vonage to do interviews. I use vonage "hard" phone for my regular phone with a cordless phone and it's just fine. So I figured why shouldn't it be on my computer? I'm able to record all three channels from AH Pro simultaneously and so I get the downmix, and each speaker on separate AIF files. This seems to serve my purpose exactly as planned. I do have a dual 2.0ghz with 5Gb of ram, but I'm not sure if the softphone needs much horsepower to run. What i've got is a very powerful thing it seems and i think it will serve the purpose well. I'm still in beta test mode but only until my first interview tomorrow afternoon. If anyone has any thoughts on this setup or any questions please let me know.
This stuff is getting really interesting.

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