Variables Inside Cocoa Objects
Subject:   xml started to make a little sense, thanx
Date:   2002-05-08 13:06:50
From:   psheldon
Made alias to "Property List Editor". Took the patch of code about textStorage and inserted into a <dict> -</dict> tag open/close of some sort of recursively defined entity called, I imagine, a dictionary. I'm inventing language here to capture my working hypothesis at parsing xml.

I know the point wasn't a lecture in xml, but how easy it was to have applescript aware of object oriented programming abstractions with just a little bit of xml. Exciting.

I imagine dict stands for dictionary. Mike Beam introduced me to dictionaries in a column, but I was distressed that it sure didn't look like what I thought of as a dictionary from having one in paper or on cd. So, I think there is a pivotal concept of what is meant by a dictionary that might have to be taught informally by heuristic rather than formal definition of dictionary.

Perhaps we simply have the construct of list of lists. And list is the recursive old idea. But, I suspect a whole deal more. Property lists are known in the language of artificial intelligence. Frames are powerful in newtonscript because they can contain a list of anything. Property lists are important in list because they offer their own qualities in a structured way of thinking or having things think.

In short I am in great but happy confusion at seeing xml and dictionaries that I am on the verge of understanding, but that "confusion", I heard from wiser men than myself, is the characteristic feature of any new learning.

I tried to formally present Java to a teenager by hypothesizing sgml generalities of parsing(<tag> and </tag> embrace a recursively defined structure of which I don't know the name). I perhaps formed the mistake of thinking the teenager's quest for meaning had historical development that recapitulated that of a compiler. I think the teenager took off by himself, much as a compiler would, so I never got to experience my own historical development in understanding and meaning by getting beyond that simple hypothesis.

Now, however, I am excited by the outline appearance of an xml document congruent with the discovery that Adobe uses it as an authoring tool. I've used outliners as an authoring tool and also artificial intelligence of Maple.

Today I have wet my feet in dictionaries I don't quite know the end all meaning of. Maybe I'm happy I don't.


Thanx. Er, thanks. I went on, but better late than never.