Steve Jobs and the History of Cocoa, Part One
Subject:   Good Article...
Date:   2002-05-08 20:04:18
From:   rubin1
I'll have to buy the book, if for nothing else to round out my collection. I've got 'Draft, Part I' dated May 12, 1992 of 'NeXTstep Applications Programming: A hands-on approach', as well as the published version, which I suspect is a primordial version of the current book. The draft was used in a special freshman curriculum programming course at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology a decade ago, and the authors were kind enough to let it be used, without royalty. Way cool.

Regarding other's comments about VMS -- I have recurring daydreams of porting GNUStep to VMS. I hope HP doesn't treat it any worse than Compaq did.