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Subject:   Can you syndicate podcasts w/ RSS 1.0
Date:   2005-10-11 19:36:08
From:   Chirael
Response to: Can you syndicate podcasts w/ RSS 1.0

Apparently, but why would you want to?

Mainly because the only good, simple Python RSS module I could find ( - see and only produces RSS 1.0 feed files, and I've already written code against that module.

So it would be far easier to use RSS 1.0 if possible, rather than having to hunt down a 2.0-producing Python module (which I did try, btw) and then maintaining two RSS modules. Thanks for the mod_enclosure link, maybe that will work :-/

If you know of a simple RSS 2.0 producing Python module, though, that would probably end up helping a lot too, since I suspect I'll be forced to code to support what's out there.


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  1. Can you syndicate podcasts w/ RSS 1.0
    2005-10-11 20:52:17  Chirael [View]

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