Squeezing NAT Out of Panther Server
Subject:   NAT on Panther Server with PPPoE
Date:   2005-10-12 03:39:18
From:   MikeHKG
Response to: NAT on Panther Server with PPPoE

hours of trial and tribulation: you're speaking from my heart!

Thanks to you dear Alex i only "wasted" about 10 hours on this one until i found your solution. Thank you so much!

Unbelievable that even the 10.4.2 server version
still does not fix this PPPoE issue. Therefore, one sour apple goes to .... Apple for their ignorance to implement the most popular way to connect to the internet.

By the way, after completing your instructions i still had to enable "TCP outgoing" port for "any", even though that port was already open for the local LAN users, to make it work.

Thanks again & Best Wishes
Mike Koessler, Hong Kong