Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 4
Subject:   streams & the .pls file
Date:   2002-05-10 11:46:36
From:   lilnemo
If you have trouble coming up with IP's simply download the .pls file; open it up with TextEdit. From there it should provide you with several ip's that the music streams from. Copy paste into the plist & enjoy!

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  1. IP trouble in, no .pls files, unix?
    2002-05-11 17:12:18  psheldon [View]

    • .pls files revealed in finder by download mgr
      2002-05-11 18:00:44  psheldon [View]

    • Got IP not for streamripper
      2002-05-11 17:32:04  psheldon [View]

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