Subject:   SSH Problem with Instructions
Date:   2002-05-10 21:12:37
From:   bdharring
Response to: SSH Problem with Instructions

After a frustrating (hugely) night, I have finally cracked it on my setup... this is a stupid error but you cannot have world permissions set on at least the authorized_keys* files, and possibly on the local ./ssh/identity|rsa|dsa pubkeys.
easy way to test this- on the intended system to log into, add to sshd_conf file the option StrictMode no .
if this fixes it (try both ssh -1 and ssh -2 in case you have either protocol setup screwed up), then you should only have to remove the world readable permission.
Good luck with it... I'm still struggling with it, but this at least got it to work for protocol 1.

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  1. SSH Problem with Instructions
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