Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Subject:   404 error in tomcat logs
Date:   2005-10-15 12:00:19
From:   prathibha_10

I have tomcat running and my web application deployed. I initally set up the necessary directories for developing my web app and later on 'war'ed up my web application, removed the development directories and deployed the WAR file on the server as mentioned in this web site.

My servlet is supposed to receive an incoming file and save it and send an acknowledgement messgage back to the client. This works perfectly. However, each time the URL is called by the client, the tomcat logs show a 404 error as below which is worrying me:

2005-10-13 04:10:20 - Ctx( ): 404 R( + * + null) null

This is the only problem I have, as I mentioend before the web application works perfectly, but everytime it is called, the above message is logged in the tomcat.log file. This looks different from the other 404 errors that I have encountered where the URL in the error gave me a clue to what was wrong. Here the error messgae just has an '*' in it, the client locates the servlet and everything works fine, I tried deploying the servlet on a test machine and the logs don't show the error but when I deploy it on the production machine, the logs show the 404 error though everything works fine.

Can anyone tell me why? Is this is a harmless message that I can suppress in the logs or is it going to cause big problems later? I am running out of time to fix this and would really appreciate if someone has some good input on this.