Steve Jobs and the History of Cocoa, Part Two
Subject:   more corrections
Date:   2002-05-15 08:58:01
From:   kapinos
"Largely as a result of the move to Mac OS X, Apple now sells far fewer kinds of computers today than it did three years ago. "

...very wrong conclusion indeed, as three yeatrs ago (Spring of 1999) Apple had much less offerings than it does today: PowerMac G3 (aka "Blue & White"); one model of iMac (though in multiple colors); PowerBook G3; no iBook yet; no Xserve; no eMac; no Flat Pannel iMac. Even no iPod yet!

If authours meant by "three" five years ago, than again wrong conclusion, as multiple Mac models had all different motherboards then, which was very expensive and contributed considerably to Apple's financial problems in the mid-90s as everybody remembers that.
That changed with the introduction of a single model Power Machintosh G3 (platinum-colored) and single motherboard (with different options for processor speed etc) at the end of 1997. That unified motherboard strategy worked for Apple's bottom line, and the software (Mac OS) has nothing to do with that.