Hack:   Find Recipes
Subject:   Small Errors
Date:   2005-10-16 11:42:19
From:   erHarrison
This code is excellent. It's the first thing I've ever done on a computer that my fiance actually approves of. Kudo's on the inventive idea.

There are two small bugs in the code that needed to be corrected. They were slight, so I suspect they were mere omissions.

The fixes are below:


b($_->Find Recipes||'no title'), br( ),
a({href=>$_->{URL}), br( ),


b($_->{title}||'no title'), br( ),
a({href}=>$_->{URL}), br( ),

In the first line, Find Recipes is caught as an error due to it being a bareword. Since your "OR" message is "No Title", I just assumed you wanted the title to go there, and replaced it as such.

In the second line, you forgot to } your href tag. Simple and fun.

Thanks again for the code.


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  1. Small Errors
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