Steve Jobs and the History of Cocoa, Part Two
Subject:   PDF vs PostScript
Date:   2002-05-15 09:21:50
From:   kapinos
"Unable or unwilling to cut a deal with Adobe for Display PostScript, Apple decided to remove it from the operating system and replace it with a next-generation drawing subsystem called Quartz. (The Quartz system uses Adobe’s Portable Document Format as an interchange file format. Nevertheless, Quartz implements PDF without a line of Adobe code -- and thus without a cent of royalties due to Adobe."

...wrong conclusion again, as Quartz (which is a marketing term for Core Graphics in Mac OS X) is using PDF model (an open standard developed by Adobe Systems Inc) as opposed to PostScript (used in NextStep and then in OpenStep) due to its speed of rendering in the first place and only then due to the licensing terms (been made free by Adobe).

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  1. PDF vs PostScript
    2002-05-16 15:23:19  rudybee [View]

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