Weblog:   Mystifying nano Screen Issue
Subject:   Nano screen problem
Date:   2005-10-17 13:40:05
From:   hkboyee
This is my story:

I bought my nano weeks ago, and it finally came in a little over a week ago. I think the custom engraving delayed its delivery.

Anyhow, after I received it, I proceeded to remove the plastic wrap around it. After the first day of use, I saw a huge diagonal smudge on it. I thought it was some sticky residue, so I wiped it with my glass lens cloth. No luck. I breathed on it before I wiped again. No luck. It was a scratch. And today, I put it in my khaki pants pocket for 10 minutes on the way to the library. Nothing else but the headphones. A bigger scratch on the right side of the screen. Now I am having trouble even seeing the words with the color ON. I make sure there is nothing inside the pocket but the iPod itself. I take the utmost care of it, and yet the screen looks like its been through hell and back. I am extremely disappointed in the nano screen. And like one of the guys above mentioned, the battery life is nowhere near the claimed 14 hours.

I can't believe some people are making the allegation that there are Apple haters out there trying to slander their products. I took a risk when I bought this 250 dollar product, and I took great care of it, knowing that it waws small and "delicate", and it still looks like it's been abused. I am just a typical college student with no bias or issues against Apple. My sister has the Mini, and she treats it like garbage and there still aren't any huge sratches on the screen like the ones on my nano.

Are there any steps I can take to maybe get it replaced? Or worse a refund? I really like my nano, but its resilience to open air does lethal damageto its screen.