Building a Simple Java Application in Mac OS X
Subject:   Package Problem
Date:   2002-05-17 11:14:50
From:   alex_tea
I too have a problem with Packages. I'm running OS X 10.1.4 on a Sawtooth G4. if i comment out the "package NineSquares;" on all lines it works fine. if not i get the following errors when compiling the documents: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class MainFrame
location: class NineSquares.NineSquares
new MainFrame();
1 error cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class EachSquare
location: class NineSquares.MainFrame
getContentPane().add(new EachSquare());
1 error compiles ok.

I expect this has to do with classpaths although i have yet to find a good resource on setting up classpaths in os x and what they should lead to. I followed this tutorial as i am having trouble compiling a project for college which uses a package of classes built by my tutor for use in the module. i set the classpath to point at the zip file and it wont work. however, it compiles fine on a pc. perhaps there should be an o'reilly tutorial on classpaths.