TextEdit's Default Format: RTF... Why?
Subject:   RTFD
Date:   2005-10-19 04:34:57
From:   z2
RTFD is not relatively new but is quite old, in fact about 15 years.

It was supported in NeXTSTEP which is where much of MacOS X came from. Nearly all of NeXT documents that included graphics were in RTFD format. I haven't tried, but I bet you can open those NeXT files on current MacOS X without problems.

And yes, the on NeXT, predecessor of, also had RTF as the default setting with the same capability of creating/opening RTFD.

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    2005-10-21 11:17:36  robert dodson [View]

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    2005-10-19 05:50:14  z2 [View]

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