All About the Little Green Glob
Subject:   windowWillUseStandardFrame in Help Viewer clarified my confusion
Date:   2002-05-20 13:20:58
From:   psheldon
Response to: Initial Window and Large images, noticed too, amplifying with further observations

I had hypothesized, incorrectly, that the little green glob toggled between stdFrame and defaultFrame. Not so. That early working hypothesis had blocked my understanding of what was going on. Help Viewer said defaultFrame provided by the sort of computer screen you are on (and, by my observations missing the too big picture you have, seemed, to my remiss observation, provided correctly by the call to delegate in NSWindow's machinary). stdFrame is the thing that fills the screen less dock and a little space on the bottom to grab at and activate the windows below.

Mike Beam had successfully reawakened with terse comments on delegates my urges toward hypertext. I had to read that passage over and over realizing it was seminal and wanting to get it right. My windowWillUseStandardFrame find confirmed a working hypothesis mnemonic : "A delegate owns his constituency as a commodity because he pays the price of pleasing them in his representation". My excitement here matches when Steve Weyer mentored me in newtonscript. He too built hypertext and would say terse things with suggested hypertext readings. With such people you don't feel like a pest, but actually useful. Good mentoring. Wish I could do that terse suggestive stuff more. I think you have to be really familiar with a language to get that provacative terse mentoring style.

I seem to be getting hope for such familiarity, even in my alternate physics ventures.

I tried two things,

1. reinstall of May 2002 developer cd and

2. adding the little green glob to the app with an initial picture and all of Michele's drag et al augmentation.

I tell about these numbered experiments below :

1. The reinstall window showed me zero k for all stuff including documentation. That was why I ignored the ungreyed checked documentation, sdk etc. Now I demanded restall of the ungreyed checked and it spent several minutes doing something, but the documentation that I said looked as sparse as a 20 Feb 2002 ad still looked as sparse. I was moved to "bounce elsewhere" to avoid "the halting problem".

2. I added textual code to the augmented last column's project and that code didn't work. I went in inspector attributes on the window and checked resize under controls. Appropriate connection to delegate file's owner was already there. The thin sliver of a window did not challenge my eyesight, since there was a default picture which gave the window its size. Otherwise, the code did work and as "badly" as before. So, there was no missing method to redraw the window after user's unintelligent dragging. I was moved to "bounce elsewhere" to avoid "the halting problem".

1. I suddenly took a leap out of generalities that had bought me "the ad" and instead asked Help Viewer about the method, windowWillUseStandardFrame. From the writeup I got that intelligent justification of stdFrame was handled, not user's unintelligent dragging and making his toggle wierd.

Neither help viewer nor current sherlock got me to the place of text searched for on a page, but only to the html page. In fact, sherlock wouldn't launch the browser from a double click on the html file. I suspect, from other bumping around, that aliasing and enabling inside sherlock goes wierd for docs inside package or bundle contents.

I had to open the volume from sherlock and have the finder click open in the browser. The finder had no knowledge of the contents sherlock had been looking for, so I got a whole page there at the top. I was forced to adapt and learn about the pages organization, that may have been bad or good, I suspect that sherlock 3, as spoken of in keynote, will amend my need to adapt. I may, however, want to adapt anyway, to learn about how some good writers organize a highly complex set of "digital assets".