Visualizing Network Traffic with Netflow and FlowScan
Subject:   problems with flowscan
Date:   2005-10-19 14:25:25
From:   whegge
I am working on a Debian machine. I downloaded the file and put it in the /usr/bin directory. This is the directory that flowscan was located in. I found the file in the /etc/flowscan directory though.

When I ran flowscan the first time I received this error "use: command not found" 5 time on 5 different lines. I seemed to have fixed that by adding "#!/usr/bin/perl" to the top of the script. That removed the errors but now nothing happens when I do /usr/bin/flowscan.

I have 2 questions:
1) Is the file that I downloaded from the link in the article a patch file? According to the article it does not look like it.

2) Any ideas on why this is not working?