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Subject:   Not maintainable or english
Date:   2005-10-20 16:50:38
From:   ikayak
Response to: Not maintainable or english

10.times reads very much like English. As does print hello if not i == 10. As does has_many :cars. Ruby lets me introduce verbs.

To your example, how about: use the red and yellow bowls for ketchup and mustard. The intent is very clear, without the need for temporary variables.

If the assignments are not related, don't use them together. It's a very useful high level abstraction. And yes, it's one that we use in English. I can't believe you're actually arguing for

for (i=0, i<10, i++).

The only reason that makes any sense at all is that you've done it for 30 years in C, C++ and now Java. In Ruby,

for i in 1..10

1..10 is a first class range.

Ruby may not be to your liking, but it's a pretty clean language, and it's much closer to English than Java.

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